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Fighting back against the high cost of construction defects

When a construction project does not go as planned, it can cost a significant amount of money and cause lengthy setbacks. Often, construction defects are not apparent until later, leaving the occupant of a newly constructed home to deal with the inconvenient or costly repercussions. 

Litigation related to construction defects is complicated. It is not an easy task to hold liable parties accountable for the problems and issues caused by shoddy construction, poor quality building materials or simple errors, but it is possible. When facing this type of legal dispute, you would benefit greatly from experienced guidance to help reach a reasonable resolution to your concerns.

What you need to know about construction defects

A construction defect is a problem with the home due to a mistake made during the building process. While many of these issues are quite obvious, a homeowner may not know until later that there is a problem with the property. Often, construction defects relate to the following factors:

  • Difficulties with the site and poor site planning
  • Issues with the civil and structural engineering
  • Improper analysis of the soil
  • Negligent construction of the home
  • Materials of poor quality

Construction defects can you leave feeling overwhelmed and confused about what you should do next. Who is financially liable for a defect in your home? How can you get the help you need to fix the problems? Litigation may be the right path to help you, allowing you to pursue rightful compensation through a civil claim for problems related to the following:

  • Mold
  • Dry rot
  • Water retention
  • Structural problems
  • Drainage problems
  • Landscaping and soil problems
  • Heating and electrical issues

Not only are these problems incredibly inconvenient and costly, but they can also decrease the value of your home. Through your civil claim, you may seek damages related to repair costs, other financial losses and the reduction in the value of your home.

Holding liable parties accountable

While it is possible that there are multiple parties at least partially responsible for your financial losses, it is likely that most of the financial responsibility will fall on the construction company, general contractor and possibly the project developer. A complete evaluation of your case should reveal your legal options and the most appropriate way to claim the damages you deserve.

Construction litigation is complicated, but you have the right to hold liable parties accountable for defects, breach of contract and bad materials used in building your home.

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